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On Checkout page, please fill exactly your email (we will send Premium Key to this email) and choose Payoneer payment method.

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Please follow step by step instructions on the success page

1. Login your Payoneer account:
2. Select Pay Menu on the top of website and Choose Make a Payment.
3. Fill in the required details.
    To: (Must Exactly)
    From: USD Balance
    Amount :
    Payment for: Service (Must Exactly)
4. Click the Next

Note: Payoneer has 4.5% Service Fee, it is from payment gate, they provide us solutions to sell and they charge us hugh fees, we have to share to our customer as a help.

Payoneer Instructions


After purchasing, you will receive Premium Key / Premium Account from 5 mins to 30 mins.

Please feel free to contact us here or use live chat in the right corner of the screen