Sorry, currently we did not accept Gift Card!

Please select Premium Key / Voucher you want to buy.

Using "Buy Now" button to go to Checkout page directly or "Add to cart" if you want to buy more Premium Key.

On Checkout page, please fill exactly your email (we will send Premium Key to this email) and choose Amazon payment method.

Press "Place Order" to order.

Premium Key/Voucher will be sent to your email within 15 mins after purchasing success. You can also lookup your key here

Note: Amazon payment gateway has 15% Service Fee, it is from payment gate, they provide us solutions to sell and they charge us hugh fees, we have to share to our customer as a help.

 Please follow step by step instructions on the success page

1. Go to " send a Gift Card by email" page
2. Set the "Amount":$
3. Set the "Delivery": Email
4. Set the "To":
5. Set the "From": your email
6. Set the "Message": order ID (will show after Place Order)
7. Click the "Buy Now" button to pay. You might have to login to at this stage

Notice: Only gift codes denominated in USD will be accepted

If you do not have Amazon account, please create new account, it is easy. Then you can pay with Credit / Debit card.

1. How to send payment via Amazon

Amazon Instruction


2. How to add Credit/Debit Card to Amazon

KeyOneClick Amazon add card

After purchasing, you will receive Premium Key / Premium Account from 5 mins to 30 mins, up to 3 hours.